Crude Essentials has a quality assurance program to ensure that we meet all of your requirements at the highest professional standard. Our specific mudlogging processes, training and supervision, and quality control inspections guarantee that we deliver accurate, timely information every time. In addition to well-site controls, all drilling activity is remotely monitored to maintain the highest quality information.


We recognize that having modern equipment is just one piece of operating a successful mudlogging operation, and that is why we have invested in the most qualified people in the business. Our staff has extensive experience and the cumulative experience of our personnel exceeds over 150 years of service. Our hiring and training process ensures that the quality of information provided exceeds the industry standards.


Crude Essentials is an accomplished mudlogging firm supporting natural gas and oil exploration companies. Since 2005, we have provided our customers with outstanding service, substantial experience, and the latest technology to support drilling activity. We are a professional services firm hired to provide the highest quality logging information in the industry. Our experience includes the logging hundreds of wells in multiple formations across the country.


In 2005, we saw a need for better equipment and technology in the field of well site geology. Combining our extensive experience with the most modern equipment available, Crude Essentials was formed to lead the oil and gas industry to a new standard of well site geology. Our equipment, technology, and staff immediately made us a major player in mudlogging and geologist support.