Brief List of our Logging services

  • Precise computer generated logs and reports using Mainlog.
    • Logs will be sent in the following formats: PDF, Excel, LAS and ML_
    •  We will work with all clients if they use different formats other than listed above.
  • Calibrated and tested Gas Detection equipment.
    • We offer both Filament based & Infrared gas detection systems in order to meet our clients’ needs.
  • We have the ability to Import/Export data through wits feed.
  • Professional and experienced two (2) member crew.
  • Fully equipped logging trailers manned 24hrs a day.
  • Cellular phone and Internet Capabilities for voice and data communication.
  • Complete sets of dried and bagged samples.
    • Samples can be either heat dried or air/ dried.
    • Wet samples are available upon request.
  • All final prints, digital data and cuttings are distributed to clients and partners at the end of the well.

Available upon Request

  • Gas Collection Samples – Isotubes/Isojars & Equipment–designed for sampling during mudgas logging.
  • Digital Sample Photography

Advanced Cutting Analysis – (performed Off Site)

  • XRF Analyzer
  • XRD
  • TOC
  • Rock Evaluation/Source Rock Analysis
  • Cuttings Gas Analysis (“Blender Gas”)

Geosteering  & Geological Consulting Services

  • Through our partnership with the premier Geosciences firm HSI we offer Geosteering & Advanced Geological Consulting Services.

Design & Fabrication

  • We design and build our own gas trap systems including inland-water skids.